Neera Malhotra - North London Speech and Language Therapist  

What parents say

“We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you for all of the effort and energy that you have dedicated to Lucas.

We also cannot thank you enough for all of the lessons learnt and the new confident Lucas who fills us with pleasure, pride and happiness.”

Morgan and Sandra, Hornsey N4

“Conor has been seeing Neera for about eight weeks. She has been great at overcoming Conor's reluctance in engaging in speech therapy and he now looks forward to the weekly sessions and the 'games' they play. It has helped having Neera come to our house rather than taking Conor into an unfamiliar environment at a clinic.

We have already seen improvement in the clarity of Conor's speech and we now feel confident that with Neera's assistance he has the ability to make up the initial delay in his speech & language skills.

Neera has been both supportive and informative and has given us guidance as to how we can help Conor in between her weekly visits.”

Parents of Conor, Southgate N14

“Both our children, a boy aged 5 and a girl aged 3, have had speech difficulties. There is a likelihood that these difficulties were genetic as both our families have members with quite pronounced lisps.

We had always been a bit worried about our children's speaking but became more concerned when our eldest starting learning to spell and found it difficult to sound out words. At that point we decided we had to do something about it.

We feel that we were very lucky to find Neera who worked with our son for about six months. During this time our son made great progress and now talks very well. What was most pleasing is that this was a totally painless process and our son really enjoyed the sessions.

Neera is now working with our daughter who is also improving rapidly under her tutelage and guidance.

We would not hesitate to recommend Neera; she is great with kids and has helped our children enormously.”

Paula and Russell Oppenheimer, Hampstead NW3

“Neera has been working with us to develop our own skills in talking and listening to our 3 year old daughter who has language delay.

Before seeing Neera we felt frustrated in not knowing how best to help our 3-year-old daughter extend her language. Neera worked with us over an intensive period and helped us observe and reflect on our interaction with our daughter, and then guided us on how we can best help our daughter by developing our own skills in talking and listening to her.

We have found the sessions incredibly empowering and we now feel much more confident and positive that we can really help our daughter in her everyday home environment and through play.

We have found simple things really have made a difference and Neera's support and advice has been invaluable to us.”

Penny and Lesley, parents of 3 year old Celie, Crouch End N8

“It has been a great relief to us that Neera was able to give a clear diagnosis of Max's speech problem, and offer us a way forward. She was able to break down the problem and give us tasks each week to work on, such as blowing, licking and kissing games to develop his oral skills.

She showed us how to play with him in a more structured way to encourage his attention span and pretend play. She taught Max and ourselves to use Makaton, and he now has dozens of signs that he can use to communicate and has begun to say a few words.

We have seen encouraging progress in Max's language skills and he is now a much less frustrated and happier little boy. All these important lessons were given with a good sense of fun and play.

We are very grateful for Neera's professionalism and skill.”

Melissa Wright, mother of 26 month old Max

“We had been struggling to work out how to help Jake and it was a great relief to find Neera. In the first session she introduced us to Makaton signing and immediately gave us a new channel of communication, cutting through a lot of Jake's frustration and giving us a practical direction to move in.

Since then he has made great progress, and Neera has been an invaluable source of information and reassurance throughout. She has designed the sessions to follow Jake's interests, so that although she is always gently pushing him to do more, he enjoys the time with her and looks forward to her visits.”

Susanna and Pete, parents of three-year-old Jake, London E8

“My son Benjy has a history of speech and language difficulties. Although I am a Speech and Language Therapist myself, my husband and I needed objective professional guidance on how to support Benjy. Neera saw Benjy in the home, modelling activities and strategies that we could continue with. She also saw Benjy in the school and provided a programme for the teaching staff.

Neera established an excellent rapport with Benjy right from the beginning. She had high expectations of him and he looked forward to seeing what Neera had in her bag on each of her visits! Neera always had a clear vision and rationale for the aims she was proposing. She actively sought our involvement in decision making about what and how to target specific aims.

We found her understanding and experience of what goes on in the mainstream setting particularly useful as the strategies and activities suggested were highly practical and effective.”

Mother of 5 year old Benjy, North London N22

“Neera's input was extremely valuable in helping my 5-year-old daughter with sounding out ‘k’, ‘g’ and ‘ng’ clearly.

Victoria looked forward to the sessions and enjoyed ‘playing’ with Neera. The improvement was rapid and this helped Victoria in her sounding out at school and being understood by playmates.

Victoria's confidence increased and she is now understood by everyone.”

Jo Ohlson, Muswell Hill N10

“Neera has worked with my son, Max, for the past five months. Max had a severe speech/social delay and had difficulty following adult direction. He was also receiving speech support at nursery, through our local primary care trust and, for a short while, from another private speech therapist, which had been a failure.

Neera stepped into this situation with professionalism. She prepared a report, which has formed the basis for everyone involved in Max's care. She has coordinated with many different people to ensure that Max has consistent support and that his needs were well understood.

During her weekly visits to our home, Neera bonded very quickly with Max and has, miraculously, been able to motivate him to follow the speech tasks happily. Max eagerly looks forward to Neera's visits and will ask several times during the week if she is coming! Neera has truly superb communication skills – with both children and adults alike.

We highly recommend Neera.

Crouch End N8 parent

“Our daughter Abi has language disorder. Neera was recommended to us by our speech therapist at the Nuffield Speech & Language Centre.

Neera had a wonderful way of fully engaging Abi through very warm, fun and innovative sessions (in fact, Abi could not wait for her visits!). This high level of motivation was very helpful to Abi's progress, particularly to help Abi to feel positive about herself and about practicing speech sounds.

Neera's sessions were always thorough and very informative to us as parents.”

Abi's parents, N11

“After moving to London in 2005 we were desperately looking for help for our six year old daughter who was diagnosed with language disorder. We were very lucky to find Neera who has been working with our daughter for last year and half and our daughter has made huge progress during this period. Our daughter's language has improved many folds and so has her attention span which was a major concern.

Neera has been able to explain various complicated concepts around language issues in a very simple way and that has helped us understand our daughter better. My wife now feels much more confident in dealing with our daughter when it comes to explaining new concepts/games.

Neera is extremely professional about her job and the impact she has made to our daughter's language skills is the best thing happened to us during our short stay in UK. We are extremely grateful for her kind support.”

Ashok and Ruchi, parents of 6 year old Abha, Finchley N12

“Our son Josh has a language disorder that manifested itself at about 18 months. He was assessed by an Educational Psychologist at 4 years, and referred to a speech and language therapist.

We were very naive in the early days and didn't realise that speech and language therapists, like other professions, range considerably in their abilities. So because we wanted Josh to receive the best treatment, we assumed Harley Street would provide this. He attended 2 clinics in Harley Street for nearly 2 years. However, our regular trips to Harley Street became tedious, frustrating and pointless. The sessions were unhelpful and Josh made no noticeable improvement. No-one was able to diagnose Josh.

We felt that we needed a 'label' so we would have an idea as to how to approach his difficulties and thus help him. So, out of desperation we contacted the local Health Authority linked to Josh's primary school asking for a recommendation. The therapist they recommended was Neera.

Within 3 weeks of Neera visiting Josh at home we had a diagnosis which fitted Josh completely. We were now able to understand Josh and his difficulties and work together to support him. Neera then made a school visit and liaised with all concerned with Josh at school.

Now we feel we are no longer alone in helping Josh. Neera understands Josh and the difficulties we face and the school in helping him. Neera has offered both the school and us as parents sound advice. She is intelligent, practical, professional and compassionate.

We are extremely grateful to Neera for the dramatic improvement in Josh and for her continued support.”

Jon and Wendy Porter, Crouch End N8

“When my daughter Juliet was three she began to get very excited about talking and would launch into long paragraphs in which many of the ending and middle sounds of words were dropped making it very difficult for most people to understand her. My husband and I agreed it was worth having her speech assessed to see if we could help her learn to speak more clearly before she lost conifdence in her ability to communicate.

Neera was very helpful in making an initial assessment of Juliet's speech and discussing a plan for helping Juliet overcome her speech difficulties. We have been working with Neera for a while now and Juliet speech has definitely become easier to understand.

I have been very happy with Neera's ability to identify key areas to work on to improve Juliet's speech and her constant ongoing assessment of Juliet's progress. Juliet is always happy that Neera is coming and interested to see what games she has in her big bag.

Neera is exceptionally good at working with children. She is extremely flexible as to which materials she can use in order to ensure that Juliet is interested and having fun while practicing her sounds. Juliet is often offered a choice of games and Neera has even made up games specific to Juliet's interests (eg. making penguins together and playing games with them).

Neera always listens to and takes into account Juliet's opinions and desires and tries to accommodate her wishes as much as possible while still managing to cover what she has planned for the session. She is very understanding of the effort level required by Juliet to produce certain sounds and is continually assessing which exercises are most effective for Juliet. Neera has also been willing to speak with Juliet's nursery staff and has explained what exercises they can do with Juliet to support our work at home.

Overall I am very happy with the progress Juliet has made so far and am confident that with Neera's help she will soon overcome any remaining difficulties with her speech.”

Terri Whitehead

“Neera has a thorough understanding of her subject and she combines this with a diligence and professionalism that instils confidence.

Just as importantly, she is also very friendly which meant she was able to turn a potentially daunting experience for our son into, from his point of view, enjoyable play time. From our point of view, we were given a timely diagnosis and a series of exercises so we could help our son improve his speech before starting school.”

Parents of 3 year old, N13

“Just a short email to say thank you so much for the time you took to see my son Oskar and for the work you put in on your thorough report. It has been very useful material in my subsequent conversations with both nursery staff and Oskar's GP.”

Ylva Allerbrand, Tufnell Park N19

“Thank you very much for your report, which I thought was comprehensive, well considered and very accurate.”

Louisa Oxlade, London N1

“Before seeing Neera, we spent 9 months struggling to work out if and what was wrong with our youngest daughter Alice. She spoke very little and very indistinctly for a 3 year old, but because of her very sunny disposition, we were repeatedly told not to worry and that nothing was wrong.

With Neera's help we identified a very real issue with her hearing that had resulted in significant language delay and if we had not had Neera's help and professional guidance in diagnosing the issue (and forcing others to listen to our concern), I think Alice would by now have become a very frustrated little girl.

Alice has now had her hearing issues very successfully addressed and grommets put in, and alongside working with Neera on her language is making enormous strides forward. She's a changed girl – even happier than before and now able to communicate and talk almost non-stop!”

Helen Clements, parent of Alice (age 3½yrs), London N4

“Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my email even though M is not a patient of yours.

You have been a wonderful help I would not even have known about or found these therapists had it not been for you.

I can't thank you enough. The help you have provided has been invaluable, as I am a little overwhelmed with my son's delay and in a new country I was at a loss!!”

Jennifer D

“Thank you so much for all your help this past year. Jian-Yi has made so much progress with your help. You have enabled us to communicate with her and that has been our greatest gift in 2007.

With deepest thanks.”

Mother of Jian-Yi, Highgate N6