Neera Malhotra - North London Speech and Language Therapist  

Professional Speech Therapy Training Services

I provide specialist speech therapy training courses across the United Kingdom to parent support groups, primary schools, nurseries and other educational bodies/groups.

I am qualified as a part 1 regional trainer in Makaton, and certified to deliver both the Hanen Parent Programme ('It Takes Two to Talk' ®) and the Hanen Early Educators/Teachers Programme ('Learning Language and Loving It'TM).

In order to develop my ability to deliver training that is useful and engaging for the participants, I have also attended a number of 'training the trainer' courses. In addition, both of the above Hanen packages place a great deal of emphasis on preparing one's training to accommodate the full range of learning styles.

My training emphasis is very much on flexibility and the meeting of clients' specific needs. For these reasons, the content, duration, location and cost of my training input varies from course to course, rather than being calculated off a rigid rate card.

The following criteria give an indication of what clients can expect:

  • duration: courses can range in length from half a day to two days, depending on the content to be covered
  • location: almost all courses are delivered on-site at the clients' place of work, be it a school, nursery or children's centre
  • content: this can be tailored to meet the needs of the particular group of people. I have listed some past training courses below
  • group size: training groups are usually kept within the range 4 to 10 delegates to ensure clients get the best value for money and personal focus on each delegate
  • fees: these are agreed up front with the client on a case-by-case basis, and depend on the content and duration of the training course, and the number of delegates attending

Examples of past training courses

  • Early language development
  • Identifying children with language or speech difficulties
  • Maximising the communicative potential of your classroom
  • Hanen parent programme
  • Developing children's speaking and listening skills in the framework of the national curriculum
  • Integrating language activities into the classroom routine

Want to arrange a speech therapy training course for your organisation or group, or find out more about my training services? Then email me or telephone (020) 8348 0485.